DSC Journey

As one of the prolific entrepreneurs of Pune, Dashmit Singh
Chabbra has come a long way both professionally and
personally. This is a remarkable true story of rags to riches, the one that not only inspires but also fosters a belief that the
world is full of opportunities for those who can raise their
heads against the storms and move forward.
Born in Nagpur, a quaint little town in central India, Dashmit
started working at an early age as a helper in a garage for a
meager pay of Rs 1500 ($25) per month. His strident
observational skills and an undying hunger to make a mark for of his own made him learn the tricks of the trade quickly. This landed him a steady job as a realty broker in Nagpur where he spent a good five years honing his craft as a master salesman and a visionary entrepreneur before moving to Pune in 2014.

His flagship enterprise DSC Realty deals

only with HNI clients through 2500 

channel partners

spread across the country. 

DSC Realty can today boast of big names 

in retails and entertainment 

industries like 

Raymonds, PVR, Inox, Future Group, 

Landmark, K.Raheja Corp, Cinepolis,

Reliance, PNG etc. as their esteemed 


Dashmit’s success stories have 

been featured in the 

top lifestyle magazine

Femina’s Gentleman Club and other 

esteemed dailies of Pune and Nagpur, 

where he spoke his heartout about his 


his struggles, his motivations and his vision 

for his company.

A man blessed with a multitude of 

interests and a desireto explore new


Dashmit has successfully ventured 

into the restaurant and hospitality 

sector in Pune 

with a resto-bar of more than 12000 sq-ft 

area, an ultra-luxury resort in Goa 

by the name of Blu Grass Resort and 

various other

premium realty projects in Pune and Goa.

If not working on his dream projects, you 

will find Dashmit with a book watching 

a golden sunset by the beach.

THE Journey so far